What is smart cricket ball?

myBall brings innovative technologies to the sport industry. Find out more

Buy myBall Single
Buy myBall Single

BLE Bluetooth low energy

Improved processing algorithm makes it the most accurate tool of it's kind, exceptionally simple to connect your smartphone with the smart ball. Gently using power of your phone as well as battery of the ball, more time to play

Buy myBall bundle
Buy myBall bundle

Two balls and one charging pad. The best value for money. Unique product for ultimate training experience.

The ball is tracking your bowling pitch details with embedded sensors. The best solution to hone your bowling skills in cricket

Buy Leather myBall
Buy Leather myBall

Material - high quality leather shell with white stitches. Classical cricket ball with innovative technologies. The ball has wireless charger component, no extra wires proved the best bowler cricket experience. Perfectly weighted 154g.

Our vision

myBall is the cricket smart ball technology that brings science motion sensors to a smart cricket bowling. Valuable bowling analysis give you powerful information right at your phone!

myBall Origin
myBall Origin

Manufactured and designed here in Australia. Improve your bowling sport cricket experience with an ultimate product!

3D Model on your phone
3D Model on your phone

See valuable information instantly on your phone: 3D trajectory, ball speed, rotation rate on your phone. You can re-play this moment anytime you need

Easy to operate
Easy to operate

1. Open the app (iPhone or Android)
2. Connect the ball
2. Shake the ball to commence a round
3. You have 8 seconds to perform
4. See instant results on your phone
5. Speed, 3D model trajectory, etc.
6. Replay the movements

Store your records
Store your records

Handy to search and share with your coach or mates. The app also records video of the bowling moments. You'll never miss your perfect short!


What our clients say

"I can't believe how good it is, accuracy seems pretty high. It's not the balls fault I can't bowl any faster. The 3D image is really good too.
How are these bags not in every sports shop? I'll be telling everyone"

Adam U.K.

"Like the product. Connectivity made easy, all works great and had lot of fun playing with it"

Tom Australia

"Someone has finally made it! Awesome training tool. We are using it as an award in our local cricket club"

Vimal India

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Video demo and the latest news

?Smart Leather Cricket Ball – Now In Stock?

? Breaking News: Introducing Our Smart Leather Cricket Ball – Now In Stock and Ready for Sale! ?

Sydney, October 2023 – We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our highly anticipated Smart Leather Cricket Ball, now available in stock and ready for purchase. Cricket enthusiasts, players, and teams, this is a game-changer you don’t want to miss!

? What Makes Our Smart Leather Cricket Ball Stand Out? ?

? Cutting-Edge Technology: Our cricket ball is equipped with cutting-edge smart technology, allowing players to monitor their performance like never before. It tracks data on speed, spin, and trajectory, providing real-time insights for a game-changing experience.

? Premium Leather: Crafted from top-quality leather, our cricket ball is designed for durability, performance, and an authentic feel.

? Exceptional Grip: The innovative stitching and surface texture offer an unmatched grip, ensuring precision and control for every delivery.

? Enhanced Seam Design: Our cricket ball boasts an enhanced seam design for greater swing and seam movement, making it a bowler’s dream.

? Key Features:

✅ Real-time Performance Data ✅ Premium Leather Material ✅ Superior Grip and Control ✅ Enhanced Seam for Swing and Seam Movement

? Who Can Benefit from Our Smart Leather Cricket Ball? ?

? Players of all skill levels ? Professional cricket teams ? Cricket coaches and academies ? The perfect gift for cricket enthusiasts

? How to Order:

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary cricket ball. Order now on our website.

? For inquiries, contact our customer support team at the website contact us page.

Join us in embracing the future of cricket with the smartest leather cricket ball you’ve ever played with. Stock is limited, so act fast to secure your piece of innovation today!

Get ready to elevate your cricket game like never before. Order now and let the Smart Leather Cricket Ball redefine your cricketing experience.

? Don’t wait, play smarter with us! ?

Pocket Radar vs SmartBall

The side-by-side competition between pocket radar and cricket smart ball. I’ve got a radar device that emits a radio wave, which runs at lightning speed, and bounces back to the radar device when an object in its path. It seems this radar is using Doppler effect. SmartBall is operating in a different principle, it’s using a number of sensors to detect ball movements and position. In this video we compare two products – Pocket Radar and myBall smart cricket ball. In total we did 23 bowls. 11 were accurate +-1 km\h. 19 balls were accurate within +- 6 km\h

myBall leather back in stock
myBall leather back in stock
myBall leather

Great news for all cricket lovers – our flagman ship product back in stock! COVID 19 impacted our supply chain. Appreciate everyone who patiently waited and supported us. We are constantly working on supply chain to make it low in price without compromises on the product quality

Smart ball leather

At myBall.biz we are existed to announce new generation of smart cricket balls. With no compromises new leather cricket balls is a fusion of classical game traditions and new innovative technologies. A leather smart cricket ball is made with a microchipped core, which is layered with a protection, and covered by a leather case with a slightly raised sewn seam. Perfectly balanced with all components including wireless charger and battery.

Our Top-quality ball suitable for the highest levels of competition, the covering is constructed of four pieces of leather shaped similar to the peel of a quartered orange, but one hemisphere is rotated by 90 degrees with respect to the other. The “equator” of the ball is stitched with string to form the ball’s prominent seam, with six rows of stitches. The remaining two joins between the leather pieces are stitched internally forming the quarter seam.

Try new smart leather ball

new leather smart cricket balls
Seam view
front view with stamps
How smartball works?


In myBall we’ve developed hardware & software solution to track pre-bounce flight trajectory, revolution rate, and velocity with a set of sensors embedded in the ball. The context diagram is shown below

Cricket smartball diagram
Smartball Cricket overview diagram

myBall has no “switch off” button. It works all the time until battery runs out of power. When you pairing your phone with the myBall simply enable BLE and find the device in the myBall app.

Pairing smartball and smartphone

How it works?

Inside the ball we have embedded a microcomputer. It is tracking all movements which are happening to the ball at any point of time. There is a set of sensors located in the center of the ball 

myBall Sensors
myBall Sensors

an algorithm is tracking each movements on each side during the designated window. We set the tracking window to 8 seconds. in other words you have 8 seconds to do the bowl. When time is up data is processed and transferred to the client. The key challenge is to find accurately when exactly ball was released from the hand and when it touched the ground. Typical cricket pattern is 

  1. Ball in the Hand (phase 1)
  2. Release from the hand (phase 2)
  3. High rotation and flight speed (phase 3)
  4. Touch Down shock (phase 4)

Each phase is dependent on each other in a strict sequence. Therefore it a ball is highly rotating before the pitch system can assume you are doing a throw. Let’s visualize movements and high rotation on each axis x, y and z.

High rotation is correlated with movements on each side. This allows us to make educated decision what exactly happened and build 3D model of the flight.

What it is made of?

We are using high quality materials to give you the best experience. The outer shell is glossy PVC with professional white stitches. It feels like a professional cricket ball with the same size and weight. When you hold it in your hand you may feel the hardness and required bouncy attributed to a proper cricket ball. 

Inside the ball we have the following components

  • Microcomputer
  • LiPo Battery 450 mAh
  • Wireless charging coil
  • Inner bounding-protection hard layer 
myBall description
Wireless charger base and smart cricket ball with sensors to track trajectory and speed

These components are assembled accurately and placed in the middle of the ball

How to charge it?

The ball is equipped with the  wireless charging components. The charging coil is located at the bottom (opposite-logo-side_.

Place the ball to the charging station onto this opposite-logo side and make sure the led is blue:

myBall how to charge
myBall charging process