myBall bundle

myBall bundle


Two balls and one charging pad. The best value for money.  Smart cricket ball features:

3D Trajectory of ball flight: 

Rotation rate – how fast ball is rotating around.

Velocity and flight time – from the moment ball is released and until it touches the ground

Touchdown zone: this is a key feature to for players to improve spin bowling as well as fast ball skills.

Technical details:

  1. Connection method – WiFi (client and AP mode)
  2. Battery – 450 mAh. Enough for 4 hours of playing
  3. Weight – 154 g
  4. Stress tolerance – Designed to sustain High impact. Meanwhile not recommend for hitting by bat.
  5. Battery charging method – wireless charging
  6. Material – high quality PVC outer shell with white stitches
  7. Inner material – hard core

Package Includes:

Two smart cricket balls and one standard wireless charger

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Two balls and one charging pad. The best value for money.

Unique product for ultimate training experience. The ball is tracking your bowling pitch details with embedded sensors. Instantly displaying ball trajectory, speed, rotation and touchdown zones! The best solution to hone your bowling skills in cricket. The ball is wirelessly connected to your phone\tabled located near by.

Improve your bowling sport cricket experience with an ultimate product!

You are getting an instant digitized result on your phone. after each pitch you know the touchdown zones, it will help you to focus on technique without compromising on the speed.

Unique ball design is providing the protection to the inner components.

Perfect weight, density and size – like a professional cricket ball

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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