myBall BLE Single

myBall BLE Single


One cricket smartball and wireless charging base

Cricket Smartball features:

3D Trajectory of the ball flight

Instant results on your phone

Rotation rate – how fast ball is rotating around

Velocity and flight time – from the moment ball is released and until it touches the ground

Touchdown zone: this is a key feature to for players to improve spin bowling as well as fast ball skills

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myBall Single BLE

Bluetooth cricket smart ball

  1. Support of the BLE Bluetooth low energy. We are constantly improving user experience and now it’s exceptionally simple to connect your smartphone with the smart ball
  2. Bluetooth Low energy gently using power of your phone as well as battery of the ball. More time to play
  3. Smooth and seamless (re)connection. When ball is out of range BLE re-connects to the phone automatically and keeps bowling recordings
  4. Bowling records now stored in the ball’s memory unless downloaded to the phone. A new better way of keeping data making sure nothing is lost
  5. Faster processor. We’ve doubled the CPU frequency!
  6. Improved analytical algorithm. Better CPU capacity allowed us to process data faster and improve accuracy
  7. As usual application is available at Google Play and App Store
Cricket smartball connectivity

Pairing smartball and smartphone

Cricket Smartball features:

3D Trajectory of ball flight

Rotation rate – how fast ball is rotating around.

Velocity and flight time – from the moment ball is released and until it touches the ground

Touchdown zone: this is a key feature to for players to improve spin bowling as well as fast ball skills.


Technical details of the smartball:

1. Connection method – BLE (Bluetooth low energy)

2. Battery – 450 mAh. Enough for 6 hours of playing

3. Weight – 154 g

4. Stress tolerance – Designed to sustain High impact. Meanwhile not recommend for hitting by bat.

5. Battery charging method – wireless charging

6. Material – high quality PVC outer shell with white stitches

7. Inner material – hard core

How it works?

How to operate?

Functionality Demo 

Package includes one smart cricket ball + one wireless charging pad

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


  1. Jeremy maar

    the parcel came with some dings. you may need to think of improving your packaging. and put more paper instructions

  2. Partha

    How far the BLE connection is going?

    • Kosta

      Thank you Partha for your question. Technically the max range is about 300 feet or 100 meters, but that’s very generous and assumes a powerful radio. In reality, given the ball has a protection layer, you will find 10 or 15 meters. Meanwhile the connectivity is no required all the time. Ball records all information and when the ball and your phone are reaching each other then information can be exchanged.

  3. Matt

    can’t figure out how to charge the ball. put some instructions

    • Kosta

      Detailed instructions are included into each parcel. If required the PDF version is here

  4. Adam Barnett

    I got it working on my iPad. I have a sony Expedia phone, the app doesn’t work brilliantly but the phone is not the best. Never get a Sony phone 🙂

    I took the ball for it’s first spin this morning. It’s 1°C here, but I had to try it out.
    I can’t believe how good it is, accuracy seems pretty high. It’s not the balls fault I can’t bowl any faster. The 3D image is really good too.
    How are these bags not in every sports shop? I’ll be telling everyone

    • Kosta

      Thank you Adam, appreciate your feedback

  5. Laura

    A great present for my son. it was hard to find something good these days, happy with this purchase. fast delivery

  6. Regena

    Your way of describing evеrything in this articⅼе is in fact good, every one can easily bе aware
    of it, Thanks a lot.

  7. Rob Merryweather

    I am sorry, but this is a terrible product, with poor customer support. I got the ball working and connected to my phone, but the accuracy was terrible. It reported my 13 year old as getting 60 revs per second, which is more than Shane Warne, and while the 3d flight worked it was several yards out from the actual physical measurements that it took. I sent two messages via the contact feature on the website explaining the issues, but got no reply. As i live in the UK, just returning the product is not straightforward without prior acknowledgement that the return is expected. This product is a great idea, i was super excited to get it, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

    • Kosta

      Hello Rob,
      I sent you few messages for the ball replacement. Perhaps they are landed in the spam box.
      we offered you a replacement, this could be just a sensor issue. the product is used across many clubs. Accuracy is not an issue

  8. Tom

    Like the product. Connectivity made easy, all works great and had lot of fun playing with it
    Unfortunately had to pay custom clearance fee of UK borders

  9. Damien Bushop

    Video feature not working for iphone

    • Kosta

      The issue has been resolved. iPhone OS has been upgraded to the 13.7 version. Previously it was OS 11

    • Kosta

      Hi Damiem, thanks you for the feedback. for some versions we see codec issues. we are working on the new app for iPhone. the defect will be fixed shortly.

  10. Andrew Johnson

    Hello, Will the single ball be back in stock soon?

    • Kosta

      Hi Andrew, thank you for your interest in our products. it should be back soon in two weeks

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